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Product Description

Air Conditioner Power Saver for Split Air Conditioner 

 Easy to install without control the inner circuitry of air condition Security, without direct connection to air condition. Science technology, with control under temperature.

Easy back out by personally, without worry after service.

Trouble from energy saver does not influence air condition running Little temperature fluctuate. Stable capability.

Not abnegate any original control and protect function of air condition Advanced center functions Home and Central air condition can use the energy saver directly.

 It is the Self-motion temperature Equalized skill; It can realize the self-motion adjustment over compressor Running without connection to any circuitry of air condition.

No matter what the Conditions outside change, under the reason without influence temperature and Coziness, it can overall realize the saving energy of the air condition.

Trouble From energy saver does not influence air condition running It is what WQ---301 bring us, take advantage of control, enjoy our life, easy Saving energy

Power saver rate: 25%----35%

Useful Load: For any Window split Air Conditioner