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The Wireless Energy meter use for record the power consume, and help family to save energy, money and It's a ECO box.
1) Real-time display power consumption/ cost / CO2 emission
2) View the history data , don't have time limited
3) Historical graphical chart of electricity consumption
4 )Summary electricity , CO2 consumption in the Day , Month , Year
5) Setting cost rate and consumption alarm
6) Low battery detection and indication to replace batter
7) Single, two or three phases power compatible

8) Total or current energy power consumption (KWH) display
9) Cost rate and cost alarm setting
10) Voltage settings (for power consumption calculation): 85V~250V
11) Tariff (dollars/kWh) display and setting for cost rate calculation
12) Selectable tariff cost currency: Dollar ($), Pound ,  EU , RMB, and other country , no limited
13) User can set from 1 to 4 tariffs time period. Each period has it independent cost rate
14) User can assign which tariffs period as Peak time
15) use bluetooth , more health , no radiation,
16) View energy consumption on your mobile phone
17) Receiver and Transmitter box size: 98 x 65 x 22mm

Wireless energy cost monitor smart meter Advantage:

1), more easy to use , only one key on transmitter (open the blutetooth when receive data), 
2), display by mobile phone , easy to understand and use , more function , more intelligent .
3), store data on mobile phone long time , 10 years or 20 year or more long
4), use bluetooth , more health , no radiation
5), more small size , Better to shipping cost down by Air or by DHL

Product details:


Wireless energy monitor meter with Energy Managerment System APP ,

download as below :

EASY to install ,Eay to use for Wireless smart power monitor meter.

Packaging & Shipping

   Receiver and Transmitter box (set) 1 set
   AA battery 3 pcs
   16mm CT Clamp Sensor 1 pcs
   APP software on phone 1 set
   Color gift packing box 1 set
   Manual 1 pcs