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Product Description

Three phase power saver, for industry, for Motor, for electromotor 
LED display and firmware control, 
Use RTOS embedded MIC to control 
Function: Improve Power factor / harmonic filter / eliminates emf / transient surge protector 
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Three phase power saver with LED display and Microchip control, For industry 
3 phase energy saver 
LED display and firmware control, 
Auto control: Use RTOS embedded Microchip to auto control when the loading big or small. 
Switch: With swith to control "Auto", "Off", "Manual" 
Work Status: Suitable for industry, commercial area or the place with three phase cable 
Voltage: 100V-400V AC 
Frequency: 50/60Hz 
Load: 400AMP 
Suitable temperature range: -50~+60 
Method of Power compensation: Automatic